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through the streets. authorities eventually used teargas. 65 times within three hours!-- are as high as five times within three hours! will tran is live on the scene at frank ogawa plaza. it looks like there are plenty of people out there. >>will: there are 12-15 protesters. the show of force matches the number of protesters. they promise to continue being here indefinitely. this is hardly the same amount of people that we saw a eight-nine hours ago. they are still out here and holding up signs that say stop police brutality. as they are protesting, you can see them behind the barricades. they are power washing the area in front of city hall. over here, look at the police officers. 24 hours ago we saw, maybe 200 police officers within this area. how in this location, there are 25-30 officers here to monitor this situation. in the meantime, broadway, north and south on are moving along just fine. as far as getting through fourteenth street between broadway and clay, and that which is a problem. we do not know how much longer it will continue to be the case. high scorer for now, it is
at a restaurant not just one block away and i thought that someone had just bought passed us behind us and that is all wrapped. and then i heard someone else say again to fill that earthquake recently? and i guess that is what it was. >> we were heading--hanging out in my apartment and then i noticed a slightjolt-what was that? and it turned out to be an earthquake. >> i will then music practice and then everything have was thinking wow! >> i was recording music have my house i have to deal like and they almost fell over. >>reporter: that was the second one to they are you nervous? >> may be a battle in california this kind of stuff happens. >> we will working hand and--and saw the and shaking. i was thinking i need to london's where, i need to [laughter] dowel i was shocked.-- >> i was shocked. >> my roommate and i looking each other and try to remember the steps when you are in an earthquake and we cannot. the streets were full of people and all went outside >> mark: yesterday was the day of the great california chef that we have the state by an earthquake drill at 10:20 a.m.
collision last night. some passengers will be using a strain, they have stepped up to help ferry passengers headed westbound. there are also bus bridges set up. instead of boarding capitol corridor trains, some passengers will be using a strained to get to san jose. >>mark: the two engines smashed into one another at 10-15 mi. per hour at the jack london square station. it was the san joaquin train. it was going from bakersfield to oakland. it collided with the coast starlight that was going from l.a. to seattle. we have reports of 17 people with minor injuries. both trains reportedly jumped a bit from the tracks. will tran is live on the scene of monitoring the situation. >>will: here is what you need to know, the jack london station should reopen shortly. that is because they got one of the two trains that was involved on a collision out of here. the other one is still here. we learned that the tracks were not too badly damaged. they were slightly bent, but not too bad. nonetheless, the crews were able to finish the repairs and get one of the trains back on the tracks. it was partially de
. when you are not used to earthquakes, it feels for ever. well >> darya, you are a mother, you can relate to her story. >> my daughters lived until 6:00 a.m., when i got up at 6:00 a.m., my husband said, you had your first earthquake. i was thinking that i did not care, i got to sleep until 6. if she did not with me up, i was not get up. we are from new york. 6:00 a.m. here is 9:00 a.m. new york times. this was a gift from god. >>will: she was too tired to feel it. >>darya: many people who were in bed did not sleep through this one. people are able tense because this comes on the heels of previous arms crisp.-- previous earthquakes. arafat is going to give us a rundown of everything that has happened. >>erica: we certainly felt it here in the studio. people definitely felt it all around the bay area. we have received over 500 comments on facebook. let me give you the nuts and bolts of what happened earlier this morning. the earthquake hit at 5:36 a.m. waking up a lot of people. it was originally reported by the usgs as a 3.9, it has since been that macbook 6--if it has since been
in the pacific. take a look at what the 7 day around the bay is showing us. wednesday-friday, sunshine and warm temperatures. >>george: it is an easy ride around the bay area with no areas to avoid or alternate routes to concern yourself with. the backup has stabilized a bit holding at a 15 minute drive time with a back up just beyond the ec over crossing. a 80 itself is your best bet to the bay bridge. here is a look at the east bay perrin analysts look coming into pleasant hell of martinez. slow and a walnut creek but no major delays. it is still a pretty easy ride. the 880 commute is heavy around 92. that is to be expected. in the south bay, slow on 101 northbound but the drive time is still about 16 minutes from the montague expressway to the capitol expressway except you had them in reverse order. north bay traffic is still without delay coming out of nevada heading south to the golden gate bridge. >>mark: did this morning, the occupied movement continues to grow across the nation and occupies san francisco is planning a morning rush hour march. labor and community groups plan to join them
bridge. if you are trying to get from the east bay into san francisco or down the peninsula, tell us what to do. >>george: use the 280 extension to get out of this city. that is looking fine. and this is creating huge problems. it is a visual hazard. do not get on the and down the central freeway. these on rents are shut down, so is the octavia street expressway. use interstate to 80 or head down city streets in san francisco and get on 101 at army cesar chavez. that has put a lot of pressure on the potrero, that is down in front of san francisco general. >>darya: it is a bar day. >>george: but you can head south and use the san mateo bridge as an alternate. these sensors, they are 25 mi. per hour traffic. this is the island. this is where things are grinding to a halt. here is the traffic in god and here is the traffic exiting. the signal light is so short, they can barely get through. >>will: headlights are still backed up. i spoke with a driver and asked, how quickly did you get to this location. she said from harrison to hear was about 10 minutes. frustration starting to build up. peo
. if she had just use the atm when she was approached by the robbery suspect. he robbed her, shot her and fled in her car. the car crashed on 35th avenue, near the entrance to 580. he is in custody. the woman who was shot has a life-threatening injuries. >> we are seeing in these protesters around the country. in san francisco,--in sacramento, police arrested more than one dozen protesters. this happened early this morning around 1:00 a.m.. there were a series of warnings after the protest started. police arrested the protesters on one by one. this is all in support of those on wall street demonstrations going on in new york. the demonstrations started with a rally that drew more than 500 people. >> it is also happening in san francisco. people are demonstrating in front of the federal reserve building in san francisco. jackie sissel is alive with more on what is going on. it seems like it is growing before our eyes. >> as the sun is coming up, so are the protesters getting up and getting help. they are wrapped in blankets and holding signs. there are probably 30-40 of them out here o
>>mark: good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm mark danon. >>justine: i am justine waldman. we're going to start with a full check on whether. >>james: the golden gate bridge is selling us a foggy conditions. it is not widespread. did not but this is shot full ec if the afternoon highs are getting more confined for. fifth call it cut those are the current conditions. future cast 4 is set for 7:00 a.m. which is right now. as we advance the clock to noon a lot more cloud cover. in the north bay, wash that line of clouds rolling through most of the afternoon. by 7:00 p.m. no sunshine and cloud cover all day long. earth here is what we see in terms of the temperatures. we will only get up to about 70 degrees in los gatos and morgan hill. in oakland, 73 degrees. it will be cool on the east side of the bay. livermore and antioch he, 77 for santa rosa and fat but ended fairfield, a little cooler in san francisco, 72 with cloud cover and creeks in sunshine. the cloud cover that we see will pass us live. we will clear things out a little bit of instability that will keep us on the cool
>> this is the kron4 news. >> they give for joining us on monday october 3rd. >> we are starting with the big story which is the weather. we have a lane on the way an already falling in some spots. >> here is a live shot from the bay bridge. we have the sun coming up. that is nice but it will not hang around long. a lot of cloud cover all the way. a quick look at the map, you'll see where the rain is falling, from eureka to ukiah get past that. as we push in closer, it is just past healdsburg. the rain is beginning to a dance slightly. santa rosa, expect to see light rainfall in your area and this will continue to spread to the south. santa rosa is beginning to see the very edges of that light rain. the fund continues to push along. when it hit san francisco we're looking at did. that gives you a sense of the timing. no. they between now and it new-line is 20 see the rain fall. san francisco and the rest of the bay area will be after the noon hour. we could very well see moderate rainfall over the heart of the bay, 6:00 p.m.. right in the set for wednesday is a second round, a we
>>mark: thank you for joining us. our breaking news story, oakland police moved in on the occupy oakland protesters. this year was the scene around for 40 5:00 a.m. as they moved in, telling protesters to disperse. some >>darya: all of the demonstrators have not gone away, will tran has to be empty. >>will: as far as the encampment, it is gone. there are hundreds of police officers years hook, making sure that this place is encircled by the dairy case of the city workers can come in and clean up the area. you're starting to get a sense of normalcy as far as the morning >>will: it seems like over the past 10 minutes or so, if you look like you are not a part of this group, was on nurses wearing their scrubs, it were allowed through without being questioned. sometimes the officers are asking, where are you going? nothing like what we saw when this went down two hours ago, no one was allowed in or out of the.. things have calmed down drastically. >>justine: here is a video at since this began unfolding at 4:00 a.m.. this is video inside of the encampment showing police in full riot
they know that now and use his cell phone to locate his whereabouts. wherever he is, i can tell you that they consider him armed and dangerous despite taking away several guns including two shotguns from several locations yesterday. obviously, he is heavily armed. if you see him, you should definitely stepped back. did not confront him. he is dangerous. they are still working on trying to find out if schools are safe. yesterday, many parents called kron 4 or reach out to was on facebook wondering if they should send their kids to class. we will find out more from public information officers if parents should send their kids to school. >> here it is, 7:00 a.m., many people are getting ready. yesterday, when this was unfolding, we could show you the neighborhoods being searched and show you which roads were closed. are they going to publicize where they are searching? it would be helpful to the neighbors, but maybe not helpful for the search. >> hopefully i will hear back from them. they have two different public information officers. they are inside right now, this is considered th
television showing us people in the streets holding flags and chanting after news has been relieved that muammar gaddafi is dead. gaddafi was 69 years old. he ruled libya with an iron fist for almost 42 years. these are live pictures into the newsroom. people are waiting for confirmation of the reported death of muammar gaddafi. >>george: we are continuing to track a hot spot on the bay bridge. in early morning at motorcycle accident blocked two lanes and now only one lane. the lanes were obstructed for nearly an hour but the damage is done. we are backed up along the east shore freeway into the macarthur maze. the drive times are running well in excess of 25 minutes. all of the approaches are jammed. more when the kron 4 news returns. >>justine: the latest on the information of the death of muammar gaddafi. a u.s. official is now saying that libyan leaders have informed the united states that muammar gaddafi is dead. muammar gaddafi was 69 years old. >>george: we are continuing to track a hot spot, a ride on interstate 80 leading down to the bay bridge. a motorcycle accident backed
. this system will take us into thursday at noon. things will dry out and this slowly warm-up as we had to saturday and sunday. let's get an update on traffic. >> it took a while. our potential hot spots became realized on the peninsula. we have had a couple of accidents that we have been tracking. one southbound and 1 northbound. both have backed up the right. the southbound traffic is worst leading frothe university ave. it is adding eight-nine minutes to the southbound 101 drive time. northbound traffic is slow 5-6 mi. just passed shoreline. if you want to avoid them use middlefield, el camino or interstate 280. the backups are not so severe that if you have the extra eight minutes or so, you will be able to get through it pretty quickly. the good news is the accidents have been cleared from the traffic lanes of the back of could continue to grow for a while. let's get to a bridge check. on the bay bridge you'll see the ride still looks good. a 80-west grande is where the back up is. the backup is 15 minutes from the macarthur maze, better from the nimitz. on the san mateo bridge is
>>mark: thank you for joining us on this monday. let's get things started with the holiday forecast. >>james: we are starting things off with false ceiling to the golden gate and trying to penetrate into the north pier e.f. the rest of the bay area is a relatively clear and cool. take a look at temperatures. mid-upper 40's in the north bay. san francisco is in the low 50s, upper 50s towards antioch. finn san jose, 53 degrees. it is a call starting this monday morning. it will be cooler than yesterday. low 80s and some of our inland spots. today, upper 70's and livermore, morgan hill, antioch and brentwood. san jose will be at about 76 degrees. cooler along the water. 73 in redwood city and hayward. downtown san francisco, 67. mostly clear skies today. in the north bay, a nice forecast. we are not looking for the wins to be strong until tomorrow, we have eight fire and whether watch in effect. here is for temperatures will be this evening. we have a widespread range of 60 degrees throughout most of the day. in the east bay, oakland downtown fremont a " hatch of about 50 or so degree
is joining us from that neighborhood with the details. >>will: there is the hall where the party was taking place. 30 people were in the driveway when to suspect's came up and fired shots into the crowd. it could have been deadly. fortunately, all of the victims, not of them were older than 19. all of them should survive their injuries. two of them are in critical condition this morning. here is a closer shot of the garages. at this point we do not have a motive behind the shooting. i tried to speak with a owner of the house. he said right now they are tired but maybe later they will talk with us. according to neighbors, the family just moved into the neighborhood. this is a very nice neighborhoods. perhaps they had nothing to do with this. the police department is not saying it's a the other three victims that were shot were the intended targets. we should hear from a spokesperson very shortly from now. as soon as i do, i will pass that along. >>mark: the latest on the occupy movement. a clash between police and the protesters in san francisco this morning. here is video that you will see
and '60s, mid-50s for oakland. future cast 4 shows us around 2:00 p.m. the rain setting in. it will then become more widespread across the north bay by the 5:00 p.m. hour. the yellow shows a moderate downpours. we will notice the rain pushing down along the peninsula by the 8:00 p.m. hour. here is a look at your temperatures as we take you to the afternoon. we will break into the '60s and '70s. in san francisco today, we will stay in the '60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. clouds and sunshine into the afternoon. a nice a warming trend as we wind through midweek. by thursday, lifted popping up into the low 90s in the chance of what weather. let's get look at your ride with george. george holliday light conditions for your ride around the bay area starting with a check on the bay bridge.-- >>george: traffic is exceptionally light this morning. no delays on the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge has a pretty good with no problems across the stand. a 13-14 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge or ride, 101 from marin county is blog this morning in a
of the contractors at a walthe rock quarry. what can you tell us as far as the terrain and how the operation is up there? new speaker is the incident did take place at the safety meeting, that would have been in the quarry office which is above the quarry they usually have a safety meeting at 4:00 a.m.. it is monday, i doubt that vehicular travel is possible at this point. i have been trying to get a hold of a supervisor, i have not been able to. that is not necessarily concern because so phones are hit and miss in the quarry. news. maybe the employees there could be hunkered down someplace, anyplace that does not have so phones. >> correct. most of the communication is done with motorola radio is because they are reliable. >> we are hearing that the employee came in with an assault rifle and handgun and opened fire. when was the last time you were there? did you hear any rumblings or disgruntled employees that could have led to this or forced out of this to happen? >> i did not. i am in the office quite often during the day at because i have to verify what i am doing in the plant. i did not he
been using it for a year, it has been available for a standard act. not very many people use it. is the love of my life. dealing with the phone, talking to it instead of tapping, finding buttons and remembering procedures, if just speak it. everything about people understanding, leather is a north sea environment, i just love siri. it is the best at all the phones. now, it is improved. >>darya: they say that is the one big and up in a few minutes we are speaking live with steve was the act as he waits in line to get his hands on a couple more iphone. >>mark: we have been watching the lines around the nation and around the world. customers are lining up for the iphone 4s. apple sold 1 million of these stones in the first 24 hours of 3 or 3. there is also an additional carrier, sprint joined at&t in verizon in carrying the phone. here is video out of japan. all gone is also released in australia, canada, france, germany and the uk. >>darya: here is a look at the list of stores open at 8:00 a.m.. that is less than one hour from also you a comparison of the iphone 4 and the iphone 4
>>will: cain man i spoke to us as a victim was shot on the sidewalk around 9:30 p.m. and died at a hospital shortly before midnight. i put a phone call into the san jose police department but i have not heard back from them. we do not have a motive for the shooting or any possible suspects. the man i spoke to said the victim lived at these were apartments and despite what many think he is a good kid and not a gang member. will tran, kron 4 news. >>darya: that comes after an officer involved shooting that left one person dead. three officers have been placed on administrative leave. that is the sixth officer involved shooting in san jose this year. there was also a fatal shooting of a hell's angel member over the weekend. steve tausan was killed at the funeral on saturday. the funeral was for jeffrey pettigrew. he was the president of the san jose chapter of the hell's angels. police say the investigation into the murder of toss and has been hindered because they say evidence at the scene was tampered with. police will be holding a news conference to talk about all homicides an
. here is what susie had to say. >>erica: many responses coming into us this morning. you would like to join the discussion, check out our facebook fan page. >>mark: we are following the flooding in thailand raising concerns that barriers could break and swamped downtown bangkok. seven of bangkok's 50 districts are flooded. although and computer parts manufacturers have been shut down. over 10,000 factories are flooded causing major supply problems for toyota, ford, apple. toyota is canceling overtime shifts as they have a shortage on parts. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a live look outside on this friday morning. skies are starting to britain. us >>darya: a man accused of to the woman until she was unconscious is still on the loose. year is the sketch that police have release of this attacker. it happened again around 840 a and at a college in cupertino. a woman was walking on campus. a man asked her for help, she said okay and as she got close to the parking garage, she says the man grabbed her and began choking her. she fell unconscious and when she regained c
. that will warm us up a little bit. as the fog sets throughout the coast it will be nice. as we advance the plot you will see that it actually clears out as we head into the overnight hours. that will clear us off a little bit. temperatures from tonight and tomorrow will be down into the fifties as opposed to the '60s. that will make way to sunny skies and warm temperatures. today is the date where we dry things out and tomorrow is when we warm things up. as i said, temperatures are in the '60s. low-mid-60s. once we warm things up this afternoon, san jose should get to the 70 degree mark. if you are in the east bay valley is, low-mid-70s. what about tomorrow? clear skies over the pacific. nothing but clear skies headed our way. wednesday, thursday and friday, a lot more sunshine and temperatures will spike on thursday with highs getting back up to near 90. there isn't the slightest chance of a drop or two from a system to the north. at this point we are pulling back on those chances. >>george: the ride to the san mateo bridge is not bad at all this morning coming across westbound 92. the drive t
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21